Ultralight and virtually waterproof wallet you wear around your neck. The entire wallet weighs 5 grams (The weight of a nickel).

I have two for sale.

1. White body using .51oz Dyneema with blue Dyneema lanyard

2. Green body using .51oz Dyneema with black Dyneema lanyard

$20 shipped via USPS in the USA. Payment through paypal (scott.goodwin@mail.com) **NOT GMAIL.COM**


For years I used a small zip lock bag for a wallet and stored it in a stuff sack. It always made me nervous going in and out of my stuff sacks every day knowing how easy it would be for my zip lock wallet to fall out or go missing. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I just like having my ID, credit cards, and cash on my person at all times. What I wanted didn't exist in the marketplace so I set off to make my own. Friends saw it and wanted some too. After using them they said "hey, you should sell these." So.... Here we are. I don't know if anyone else wants one, but I've made a couple extra to see if there is any demand.

How is it made?

My requirements were to be super ultralight, virtually waterproof, very strong, and very secure. The wallet body is made of .51 Dyneema Composite Fabric. It is bonded with 3M's highest quality transfer tape. The enclosure is 1" 3M Dual Lock. The eyelets are nickel plated to combat corrosion. The lanyard is made from 1.75mm UHMWPE (Dyneema threads), having a 400lb tensile strength. The lanyard is fashioned into a continuous loop using a locked brummel and 3" bury (no tied knots to come undone). Finally a dual channel, spring loaded toggle to adjust the length of the lanyard. It takes me almost an hour to make these from start to finish.

What can fit in it?

I liked the wallet so much it became my only wallet. I keep 7 credit card sized cards, some cash, and my key fob in mine. It all fits fine.

How to wear it?

In everyday life I adjust the lanyard length to where the wallet body is at heart level. When hiking I adjust the lanyard length to where the wallet body is lower so not to interfere with my sternum strap.

How waterproof is it?

I have been through thunderstorms and have sweated so much it looked like I just jumped out of a pool fully clothed. Water has never gotten inside. I wouldn't go swimming with it on though. The fabric is completely waterproof, but the enclosure I would call very highly water resistant.

If you have any questions just shoot me an email at scott.goodwin@mail.com